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FAQWhat is this?
This site is an archive of untranslated Japanese works that I find interesting.
I'm drawn towards denpa and psychological horror.
Who is the Webmaster? What does he do?
For this project, I'll be using the pen name "Archivist-tan". I'm an amatuer
translator. I translate in my free time, and I'm currently working
through a collection of visual novels I'm interested in. I like to collect
manga and magazines, too.
Can I use your scans?
Can I play these visual novels in English?
No. To put it simply, creating a language patch for a video game is
something that's way too difficult for me. The videos I post to YouTube are
raw gameplay footage with English subtitles of my translations.
I know how to code. Can I patch the games myself?
Of course! I'll post entire scripts and route guides on this site once
they're completed.
Where can I download these games myself?
I urge you to buy official copies of these games on DLSite to support the
official release. However, since the games I'm inclined towards are from defunct
companies and OS, a lot of these games aren't available for purchase anymore.
Files for "lost" games can be found here.
I downloaded the games. How do I run them?
I'll make a site entry on how I personally do things. In the mean time,
here are some great resources on the topic.
VirtualBox Info and Setup
Windows XP VirtualBox Setup
Playing Old Games on VirtualBox
Playing Visual Novels on VirtualBox
PC98 Emulation Basics
Scope and Contents
This collection consists of magazine and manga scans, along with visual
novel footage. Content of interest include works of psychological horror
(mainly visual novels and manga), and anime figures or garage kits.
Favored aesthetics include dark, "edgy" character design of early 2000s anime
and manga.
Language of Materials
Japanese, translated into English
Conditions Governing Use
Anyone can use this site. I only ask that you share it with others.
Tools for Acquisition
Windows XP virtual machine (Oracle VM VirtualBox), Neko Project PC98 emulator,
Related Titles
Shizuku (Leaf), Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou (DUKE), Odeon (BOKU)
Gothic & Lolita Bible, Dolis (Kusumoto Maki), Figumania, Figure Maniacs,
I am not a professional translator, so please take my
interpretation of these works with a grain of salt.
All scans published to this site won't be the greatest quality,
as I don't want to ruin my collection of books/magazines
by tearing them apart to scan each page traditionally.
Also, I'm not very good at coding. Pic related.
Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Feel free to leave them below.

All visual novel translations are currently being uploaded to YouTube.
You can view them here.
Translation scripts and route guides will be published here upon completion.

Dolis (Kusumoto Maki) Tokyopop (2006)

Figumania (March 2003) Cosmic Mook

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

Replicant Volume 11 (December 2002)

Serial Experiments Lain DVD Set (Pioneer, 1998)

Tamagotoji (卵とじ) - Bad Boys (Warui Kodomotachi / わるいこどもたち) (Hypnosis Mic Dotsuitare Hompo Doujinshi 2022)